Kirkas Gaya

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Circus company

Contemporary circus company established in 2003 by Sandrine Duquesne (Belgium) et MiraŽl Finkel (Israel) after graduating from the National Centre for Circus Arts (CNAC) in Ch‚lons.

After three common creations, Neige, Kol Haolam Kirkas and Daydreaming, they operate their own projects individually. The other performances of the company, Ventre, 118 kg and Nothing but are Sandrine Duquesne's own projects.

Our main vision is the development of aerobatics as a mean of artistic expression..

A dramatical dimension lays within the technique in itself. By working on bodies, qualities of movements, spacing and rythm, we enlight the technique and shape it such as to lead to emotions and to create stories.

Starting from this working requirements, performances are full of sweetness and poetry, then we bring them to the street for everybody to enjoy.

Past performances

Neige (2004) Kol Haolam Kirkas (2006) Ventre (2010)